John Hughes

John Hughes first became interested in insurance because of his initial interest—finance. Now he shares his thoughts and knowledge on this topic to help others. Why are you giving advice on Insurance Genie? Insurance is a huge part of anyone's finances and getting it right is key. It is not all about buying all the fancy policies but understanding the role of insurance, how it will benefit you, and picking the right one. These are what motivate me to try and enlighten people about insurance, to help them make the right choices. How did you get involved in the insurance industry? My interest in finance led me to insurance, seeing from how a couple of friends and family members really benefited from insurance policies that cushioned them from going down the drain financially. What type of insurance do you believe is most important to have? There is no definite answer for this, as we all have different income streams, live under varying circumstances and value different aspects of life. If you have a family and are the main breadwinner, it's important to have cover that will take care of your loved one's needs if anything happens to you. Car insurance is important as well but perhaps health insurance is what I'd consider the most important one. Healthcare is expensive and bills can rise to astronomical amounts, so its best to have this one. What is one piece of advice you'd give people looking into insurance? Insurance is a whole niche with its terms, technicalities and downsides. Insurance can be costly, so don't buy a policy that you don't understand. Take time, assess your life, and determine the most important insurance policies that you should have. If possible, contact an insurance expert to understand what you're getting into before you commit to a specific policy.

Personal Accident Insurance vs Life Insurance

Most Americans rely on insurance policies as their primary financial safety net. Unfortunately, what most people don’t realize is that different types of insurance policies offer different levels of protection. Two often confusing policies are personal accident insurance and life insurance.  Both policies are critical components of a well-rounded insurance portfolio, but they are not …

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